Our Story

utoka was born from necessity, the need for the ultimate travel companion. Our products really are made #ForAllAdventures.

Made to be the ultimate companion

Our journey began not in a boardroom, but on the pristine waves of the Gulf of Mexico. It was 2015, aboard a small fishing boat, where the essence of Utoka was born. Those initial moments, surrounded by nature's grandeur, solidified our mission: to design products that stood up to the wildest adventures.

Our commitment to quality led to the creation of our core range of roto-moulded cool boxes. These aren't just any ordinary boxes – they're a product of tireless development and passion. We've been humbled to see them travel across continents, becoming trusted companions in countless journeys. Whether it's a trek through a rainforest or a picnic at the local park, Utoka is there.

Innovating for Tomorrow

At Utoka, our vision doesn’t end at the shoreline. We're continuously diving deep, turning imaginative ideas into tangible realities. Every product we craft carries a promise of durability, style, and a nod to that fateful day out at sea.

There's no greater thrill for us than spotting an Utoka cool box in the wild, carried by explorers and adventurers like you. Your belief in us – and in the quality of our products – is what drives us forward. So, here's to you, and to all the future adventures we'll share. #foralladventures.

The utoka cooler range

Our robust and stylish hard cool boxes come in a range of sizes and colours, to suit every outdoor scenario, whether that’s paddle boarding, camping, bbqs or festivals, order yours today!


utoka 20

Our portable utoka 20 quart is our everyday cooler. A great companion for day trips, family picnics and overnighters. The carry handle ensures easy transportation, even when filled with your favourite food and drinks. Compatible and suitable for Canoes, Kayaks, Paddleboards, campervans, camping and beach days.

utoka 45

When the 20 doesn’t quite cut it, size up to the utoka 45 quart. This mid-size cooler is perfect for casting off, it can be used as a bench seat and holds twice as much as the 20. Big enough to hold your catch of the day and small enough to carry by yourself. Ideal for garden BBQs, Fishing trips, boating, family days at the beach, and our highly recommended go to for our campervan amigos.

utoka 70

The mighty tow70 fits anything and everything. From a BBQ event, Family Camping Trip or maybe a Music Festival! The chopping board divider allows you to split the cooler for separate uses – drink in one side, food in the other. You will be thankful of the robust wheels on this one allowing mobility on this heavy- duty cooler.

utoka 110

Our utoka tow 110, The Beast – The tow110 is our largest cooler, with an impressive 150 can capacity. Large enough to hold your food and drink for 5 days, mobile enough to get around due to the heavy-duty wheels. The cooler can be split for different uses using the Chopping Board divider. This Beast also has space to seat two and can be used as a table! A must have for Outdoor Caterers, Sports & Events Teams.

Planning a BBQ?

We’ve got you covered.

We also have some awesome ambassadors within the BBQ community who rely on their coolers to rest their mouthwatering smoked meats, our coolers also work the other way and act as warmers keeping hot food warm.