When preparing for a fishing trip, there are a few things that are absolutely necessary, and you must not leave your house without them. Any guesses?

If you want to make the most of this outdoor activity, you should never be without a cool box because it is right up there with the essential stuff like waterproof bags, sunscreen (in the summer), lures, baits, and the rod and reels (of course).  

Carrying a cool box with you while you go fishing can be a complete game changer. After all, a cooler can keep your drinks chilled, preserve your food, and even help when bringing your freshly-caught fish back home.

But First, How Does A Cool Box Work?

Portable cool boxes work by harnessing the power of ice and insulation. If you slept off in science class, let us explain it.

Insulation slows the flow of warm air inside your cooler and is typically constructed of foam or plastic. At the same time, the ice within your cooler maintains a cool temperature. The insulation within the cooler acts as a convection barrier, reducing the rate at which the warm air circulates.

Moreover, it’s not enough for a cooler to simply have insulation; ice is typically required to maintain a cold temperature. 


Top Benefits of a Cool Box

Even if you are only fishing for a few hours or several days, you should still bring a high-quality cooler with you. This will allow you to keep your food, drinks, bait, and, most importantly, the prized catch all nice and fresh for the duration of your fishing excursion.

Summer and spring days with glorious sunlight and mild temperatures are ideal for fishing. Unfortunately, fish caught in these conditions often spoil quickly. That’s where a cool box becomes essential if you want to store the fish you catch, particularly on an extended fishing trip so that the fish stays cold and fresh.

When compared to employing salt to preserve fish, a cooler is preferable because it keeps food fresh without affecting the flavor. 

Other benefits of cool boxes are:

Convenient and compact

A cool box will keep your drinks, food, and fish cold and insulated even on the hottest summer day or afternoon.

Requires Absolutely No Energy

Since a cool box doesn’t operate with electricity, it won’t require energy points to function.

Easily Portable

A cool box’s portability is unparalleled. It’s easy to bring along on any camping trip, vacation or fishing venture because it weighs less and takes up very little space. You could take it with you anywhere you go, be it a weekend getaway, a fishing expedition, or a road trip. 

Available in a Wide Range of Designs and Colours

Cool boxes come in a wide range of colours, designs, and even sizes to meet your specific requirements. Different people have different needs; therefore, it’s up to you to pick a size and colour that works best for you.  


Long-Lasting Investments

A cool box is built to last and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Constructed robustly from sturdy materials, it won’t lose any of its insulating power as time goes on and will remain an integral part of your future fishing expeditions. 

Utoka’s Robust Cool Boxes

At Utoka, a Bristol-based company (South West, UK), we specialise in building functional and fashionable (yeah, you read that right) coolers for everyone and every occasion.

We believe that the greatest cool box, to put it succinctly, should serve as a refrigerator when you’re out in the wilderness. 

Our cool boxes are not so much constructed like tanks as they are made of durable rotomoulded material, making them nearly unbreakable. Because of their thick walls and superior insulation, our cool boxes exceed all others in terms of maintaining the low temperature of your food and drink, which is the primary reason why we are in business.

Since our cool boxes have an integrated hinge as well as heavy-duty rubber seals, they prevent any of the valuable cooling effects from escaping through the lid. In addition, every coolbox comes with a dry goods basket, cup holder, and a chopping board divider. Moreover, we offer exciting customisation options.

Why Are Utoka Cool Boxes Best For Fishing Trips?

Utoka’s cool boxes, with their one-of-a-kind intuitive design, are versatile and have all the bells and whistles needed to make us a top-tier brand in the cool box industry. But what really sets apart our cool boxes, and why are they “the absolute best” when it comes to fishing?

Excellent Ice Retention and Performance

The cool boxes offered by Utoka are equipped with cutting-edge insulation and lockable lid, which results in superior ice retention performance (up to 5 days). Because they are constructed with thick, quality insulation that fills the cooler’s whole cavity, cool boxes can perform very well in terms of maintaining the ice’s frozen state and keeping foods, beverages, and freshly-caught fish cold for many days. 

Remarkable Durability and Longevity

Our ice coolers are built to last, so they can withstand being knocked around without breaking, and they will serve your needs for many years to come. Most significantly, they are resistant to impact, which means that they won’t break, crack easily, or become damaged even after being exposed to the sun for long periods of time.

Superior Functionality and Ease of Use

Our ice coolers have the best all-around functionality of any cooler on the market. If you need a spacious, sturdy cooler, you won’t find a better deal than this. In addition, they are designed to be moved and carried with a minimum of difficulty. Moreover, you get key features, such as an integrated bottle opener, easy drain system, non-slip feet, tough carry handle, cup holder, chopping board divider, and a dry goods basket.

Worth The Money

We could spend all day discussing what makes a good cooler, but in the end, it all comes down to price. Utoka is committed to providing the optimal combination of performance, robustness, functionality, and affordability. Our coolers offer excellent value because of their combination of high quality and justifiable pricing.  

Our Exciting Range of Cool Boxes

Our durable and stylishly designed coolers are available in a variety of sizes and colours (green, red, grey, navy blue, pink, red, and more), making them suitable for a wide variety of outdoor activities, like fishing, paddle boarding, camping, barbecuing, and music festivals.

Check out our range of cool boxes.

Have Questions to Ask?

Feel free to contact us if you have any queries regarding features, key specifications, dimensions, accessories included in every cool box, model number, availability of out-of-stock items, price, expected delivery time, or anything else.